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Piethorne Valley Campsite

I was recently recommended to a nice chap called Bob who, along with his business partner Norma, were ready to start the promotion on their campsite which they have been developing over the past few years.

They wanted a website creating to showcase their site and facilities. As there was no logo or brand in place I recommended that we take a look at this for them also.

After a tour around the campsite I gathered all the information that they wanted on the website and presented them with a project proposal and quotation which they accepted. I couldn’t wait to get started on this one!

[ I do love the concept of camping – barbecuing, outdoor games, clear starry skies, spending time with friends and family etc – but after a couple of cold and wet experiences I haven’t been as much of a camper as I would have liked to over the past few years. However, having a campsite located 5 minutes away will no doubt change things for 2015! ]

I designed the logo for Piethorne Valley Touring Caravan and Camping Site to be fun and appealing with a modern font and camping/natural style colouring. The logo includes a graphic of a tent and a camping or “glamping” pod, which the site is home to four.




Now that we had the logo in place we built the website to match the same colour scheme which allowed us to keep brand consistency. The website was built from the ground up which means this is a one of a kind website – There are 7 pages in total including a blog page which allows Bob and Norma to update their visitors on news via a WordPress control panel. The website is fully responsive so looks great on desktops, tablets and smart phones. As with all our web design projects, the website is finished of by optimising it for Google searches.

You can find the website here: www.piethorne-valley-camping.co.uk

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Website Design Rochdale

Capture Design are currently planning a redesign to our website and I was pondering a better solution to showcase some of our previous web work.

Rather than just showing a still image with an accompanying external link to that site, I wanted to highlight aspects of things inside these webpages. Stuff like Twitter feeds, rollover links, Photo Slideshows, enquiry forms, page navigations and WordPress Blogs which have been blended seamlessly into the bespoke design. All the little things that can get overlooked.

Using Quicktime, Photoshop, Final Cut and Google Chrome, I’ve put together a small video which takes you on a little tour of a bunch of websites we have recently designed, developed and continue to maintain…


Commercial Filters

We were asked by Rochdale based filter specilists Commercial Filters to create their website.

The project criteria consisted of:

  • Visual front page consisting of high quality images with a rotating cross dissolve transition. The slideshow would be built using jQuery which would display on all browsers and all smart devices. 
  • Ability for existing/potential customers to order/enquire online using enquiry forms.
  • Have a blog/news page which would be controlled by the client using WordPress.
  • Desktop and mobile versions of the site (responsive web design build).
  • Google SEO setup including Google Places, Google Analytics, Google+ and domain Verification.

The finished result can be found at www.commercialfilters.co.uk



Vinyl Sticker Demo

We’ve been using the plotter quite a lot lately so thought I’d make a little demo on some of the processes of design, cutting & weeding using a Minibus for Skipton Self Drive.

I Made the slightly over-the-top music in GarageBand as YouTube doesn’t seem to allow playback on iDevices when using some of my favourite bands tunes as backing music. Which is annoying, but fair play to them.